COVID-19 Sanitization Tunnels

Smart Sanitization Gates & Tunnels

In response to the increasing risk of ongoing pandemic COVID-19 virus, we are implementing our expertise in design and manufacturing by creating Smart Sanitizing Gates (SSG) together with our trusted partners in chemical and fogging system industries. This is an effortless human disinfection walk-through tunnel that helps in sanitization and prevention of coronavirus.

Protect your employees & customers with disinfection tunnels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sanitization tunnel?

A sanitization tunnel also known as disinfection walkthrough gate is a automatic disinfectant spray tunnel, which can be placed before an entrance of a building or venue.

Is the chemical approved by authorities?

Yes. The disinfectant liquid spray is used from a list of approved products by Dubai Municipality.

Where can the sanitization gates be used?

Sanitization Gates or Tunnels can be used for:

  • Schools or Institutions
  • Office buildings
  • Individual Office Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Malls
  • Hotels
  • Public Parks
  • Event Venues

Is this for purchase or rental?

Currently we are manufacturing these tunnels for sales only. Once the event industry will be back in momentum, we will also be renting these solutions.

What is the timeline for production?

Production usually takes from 3-6 working days, depending upon the structure, size & design chosen by the client.

How often do we have to refill the tank?

The disinfection liquid is good for 2500 passers. Once the liquid is empty, it can be easily be refilled by the client.

Does this have any warranty?

Yes, we give a 1 year warranty for our products.

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