We know how to Engage, Mesmerize & Entertain your guests.

As one of leading Entertainment & Talent agency based in Dubai, we offer the best & exclusive entertainers for all kinds of Events. With over 5000+ artists, we offer a variety of talent to engage your clients and create unique experiences for them.

The key factor to the success of any event lies in its in entertainment and how the guests are engaged together. Be it a an luxury wedding or a chic corporate event, our talented performers can add that wow factor to your event. With customized themes and costume preferences our artists can set the mood for any ambiance.

Call us today to make your event extravagant.

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    • Ayala Dancers

      Description Ayala & Yola dancers in UAE: Group of 10-20 local Emirati dancers performing traditional UAE cultural dance also known as Victory dance. This is…

    • Khaleeji Dancers

      Description Khaleeji dance is usually performed in weddings and other social events. This dance entails rows of women in close proximity to one another who…

    • Falcon Man

      Description The Falcon is the national bird of UAE. This show presents the significance and importance of falconry in the Arabic tradition and culture.

    • Arabic Traditional Cooking

      Description Traditional cooking for Luqaimat, Ragag, and Jabab.

    • Basket, Carpet, & Fishing Net Weaving

      Description This showcases the Arabic traditional making of baskets, carpets, and fishing nets.

    • Arabic Coffee, Dates & Juice Server

      Description Serving dates or Arabic beverages for your guests. This is perfect to add vibe for Arabic themed events or occasions.

    • Tanoura / Sufi Dancer

      Description Tanoura is one of oldest traditional Egyptian dance style now performed with creative LED costumes. Also called as Sufi dancers in traditional white costume…

    • Dhabke & Zaffa Dancers

      Description Group of 8-10 dancers With live drummers Duration 1 set of 30 mins Or 2 sets of 15 mins

    • Arabic Dance Show

      Description Different Arabic Dance Shows – Lebanese, Jordan, Gulf, Syrian, Moroccan, Egyptian & Palestine Duration 1 set of 30 mins Or 2 sets of 15 mins

    • Arabic Fusion Dancers

      Description These arabic fusion dancers perform with a modern twist using wings, fans, veils and other props making the performance more creative. Oriental Dancers Wings Dance

    • Belly Dancers

      Description Solo Belly Dancer, Choreographed dance show, Exotic Belly Dancer / Snake Dancer Duration 1 set of 30 mins Or 2 sets of 15 mins

    • Arabic String Band

      Description Composed of Oud, Qanun, and Violin. It can also be accompanied by drums or tabla. Duration 30 to 40 minutes per set

    • Male Orchestra

      Description Hire an all male professional orchestra in Dubai for your next corporate event, concert or wedding. Details 3 sets of 45 mins

    • Arabic & Omani Drummers

      Description Create a dramatic entrance or welcome the guests with these upbeat omani drummers for corporate events, public events and weddings.

    • Saxophonists

      Description We have Dubai’s best male and female saxophonists who can pump up the energy of your event; be it a corporate even or a…

    • Pianists

      Description Solo pianist is one of the most soothing and classical performance that is most widely used for entrance, lobby, welcome receptions or wedding ceremonies.…

    • Guitarists

      Description Solo Guitarists Duration 3 sets of 45 minutes

    • Flutist

      Description Can be soloist, a duo, or a trio. Duration 3 sets of 45 minutes

    • Flutist, Violinist, & Celloist

      Description Can be soloist, a duo, or a trio. Duration 3 sets of 45 minutes

    • Violinist

      Description Book our talented violinists for your next corporate event or wedding in Dubai, UAE or GCC. Our artists can perform solo, duo, trio or…

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