• Ambush Man – Custom Made

      Description Ambush man or Canvas paint is a life size painting with custom costume on the wall as per your theme/brand. This act is completely…

    • Ethnic Dancers

      Description We have a lot of ethnic costumes to match your event theme. Duration 3 sets of 3-5 minutes each

    • Special Dance Styles

      Description We can choreograph and design costumes, themes & dance styles based on your requirement. Duration As required

    • Fire Performers

      Description Fire Show is an energetic act performed with sheer perfection and practice, as the show includes fire blowers, fire dancers, jugglers and pois. The…

    • Sand Artist

      Description Standard & Customized story boards of 10 mins Duration 1 set of 7-10 mins

    • Shadow Show

      DESCRIPTION Shadow Show is a modern and contemporary dance style which is performed behind a projection screen to achieve graphic images, shapes and formations to…

    • Laser & Graphic Show

      Description Our creative team can design & produce a unique concept show to showcase your brand launch or any special event using Laser, Graphics &…

    • Laserman Show Dubai

      Description A multi-media spectacular featuring the latest in technology! Blades of laser light are hand manipulated right in front of your eyes! Watch the laws of physics…

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