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We know how to Engage, Mesmerize & Entertain your guests. One of our core strengths is our extensive database of talented performers & event entertainers. With over 5000+ artists, ranging from the vital to the wackiest, we can offer variety of talent to engage your clients and create unique experiences for the crowd. Call us today to make your event extravagant.

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    • Glitter Artist

      Description Glitter artist with amazing set of paint techniques and materials which are easily washable and safe for the skin.

    • Ventriloquist

      Description Laughter leads to miraculous cures they say, and this saying is brought to life by our ventriloquists and their fantastic dummy puppet friends who…

    • Themed Stage Shows

      Description Different type of stage shows (Snow Queen, Aladdin, Chocolate Factory, Futuristic and Tea Party in Wonderland) and other types of customized stage shows. Duration…

    • Bubble Show

      Description Artist creating different types of bubble that will suit any type of events. Duration 2 sets by 20 mins each

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