Roaming Acts

We have various talented roaming acts and performers to engage with the audience for public events, mall shows and weddings.

    • Saxophonists

      Description We have Dubai’s best male and female saxophonists who can pump up the energy of your event; be it a corporate even or a…

    • Fantastic Flowers Stilt Walker

      Description New type of roaming costume for welcoming the guests. Duration 3 sets by 20 mins each

    • Giant Balls Stilt Walkers

      Description Brand new act in the region Giant Balls is one of the oldest circus performance skills. It involves the artist balancing and roam around…

    • Circus Performers

      Description Stilt Walkers, Jugglers, Unicyclists, Acrobats, Ribbon Dancers Duration 2 sets by 10 mins each

    • Roaming Characters

      Description We have amazing and unique roaming characters in fascinating costumes to add an extra wow factor to your event. Perfect for selfies with guests!…

    • Celebrity Look Alikes

      Description Lookalikes are the perfect addition to any event, be it the Villains from 007, to iconic singers or actors. Duration 1 set by 5…

    • Super Heros Robot

      Description We work with licensed super heroes robot like Bumblebee, Iron Man, Optimus Prime and Captain America.

    • Marching Band

      Description Group of stilt walkers performing as marching band, costumes and musical instruments are included. Duration 3 sets of 15 minutes

    • Roaming Parades

      Description We have a wide range of roaming parades and circus acts with a variety of costumes, props, themes and artists which can be customized…

    • Mime Show

      Description Using mime as a theatrical medium or as a performance art, the artist acts out a story through body motions, without use of speech.…

    • IPAD Magician

      Description An interactive magic performance with the use of new technology (ipad). Leave your guests mesmerized and amazed by this unique show. Duration Roaming show:…

    • Magicians & Illusionists

      Description Walk-around & Close up magic Stage show with audience interaction & props Can prepare customized show for corporate events. Duration Close up show 1-2…

    • Christmas Nutcracker & Elf Parade

      Description This Roaming festive parade a total of 10 performers can roam and interact with playback festive music and drums (Live roaming band available) .

    • Festive Parades

      Description This Roaming festive parade a total of 10 performers can roam and interact with playback festive music and drums (Live roaming band available).

    • LED Angels & Fairy show

      Description 4 dancers with a mix of various LED festive themed costumes.

    • LED Robot Man


    • Bakhoor & Oud Ladies

      Description Add the fragrance of bakhoor or oud to your functions giving it a tradition touch with beautiful women adding a charm to your function/…

    • Levitation Statue

      Description An amazing and eye-popping act that shows the artist hanging mid-air without any support. Keep your crowd engaged with this unique act.

    • Tarot Card Reader

      Description A sacred space specially allotted for a tarot/ palm/ coffee-cup reader for all those who are anxious to know the future. They are there…

    • Titan Robot

      Description This future of entertainment can be the best fit displayed at shopping malls, festivals, family functions, commercial and exhibition stalls, sports events or corporate…

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