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We know how to Engage, Mesmerize & Entertain your guests. One of our core strengths is our extensive database of talented performers & event entertainers. With over 5000+ artists, ranging from the vital to the wackiest, we can offer variety of talent to engage your clients and create unique experiences for the crowd. Call us today to make your event extravagant.

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    • Mirror Man

      Description A living statue and dancing disco ball. Mirror man adds a unique element of surprise to any event. Awesome selfies guaranteed. Mirror man fits…

    • Sirtaki Dance

      Description One of the most popular Greek Dance, combination of various Hasapika Dance. The show begins with slow and smooth moves that gradually transform into…

    • Cheerleader Girls

      Description The encouragement factor any sport event or competition requires is brought to life with the presence of cheerleader girls. The noise of cheering slogans…

    • Polynesian Dancers

      Description From Hawaiian Hula to New Zealand’s Mauri Poi, our Polynesian dancers perform it to the best.

    • LED Shows & Dancers

      Description We have a variety of LED shows and dancers which include LED Pixel Pois, LED Dancers, LED robots, Droids, Stilt Walkers, Branded LED, LED…

    • Jump Rope Show

      Description A mix of jump rope and break dance for a new and cool act! Duration 1 set of 5 to 6 minutes

    • Capoeira

      Description A Brazilian martial arts that combines dancer, aerobics and drum beating music. Duration 2 sets by 5 to 10 minutes

    • BMX Rider Freestyle

      Description BMX rider stunt showcasing the old and new school riding of flatland and freestyle BMX. Duration Up to 3 sets by 4 to 6 minutes

    • Parkour Show

      Description A cool and unique act of professional Parkour performers jumping and flipping of walls, stairs, and obstacles. Duration For 4 performers ; up to 3…

    • Martial Arts Show

      Description A traditional Chinese dance that showcases different martial art forms. Duration 1 set by 7 to 10 minutes

    • Football Freestyler

      Description Artist performing different tricks with a football.

    • Stomp Show in Dubai

      Description Amazing combination of performance (dance/drums/theatrical/comedy) with upbeat sounds to give cheerful show. Duration 2 – 4 sets by 5-10 mins each

    • RnB & Hip Hop Dancers

      Description If your theme is RnB & Hip-Hop or if you are looking for some energetic performance our dancers will make your event more lively with…

    • Flash Mob Performers

      Description We have performed various flash mobs in malls, store openings, corporate events and we can customize it according to your needs. Duration As required.

    • Salsa & Tango Dancers

      Description Salsa is a popular form of social dance originating in Eastern Cuba. The movements of Salsa are a combination of the Afro-Cuban dances Son, cha-cha-cha, Mambo,…

    • Gogo Dancers

      Description Gogo dancers are known for their appealing appearance who usually entertain crowds at nightclubs and other social events.

    • Bollywood Dance Group

      Description 2 or more couples performing 3 different choreographies on indian bollywood music with various styles of modern, bhangra, traditional & contemporary moves along with…

    • Modern Creative Dancers

      Description We have tailored a lot of unusual costumes which will turn heads and create a wow factor in your event. We can customize costumes for…

    • Special Dance Styles

      Description We can choreograph and design costumes, themes & dance styles based on your requirement. Duration As required

    • LED Floating Dancers

      Description Group of 4 girls performing an extravagant dance style in an LED costume which looks as its floating in air. Duration 2 sets of…

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