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    • Ayala Dancers

      Description Ayala & Yola dancers in UAE: Group of 10-20 local Emirati dancers performing traditional UAE cultural dance also known as Victory dance. This is…

    • Khaleeji Dancers

      Description Khaleeji dance is usually performed in weddings and other social events. This dance entails rows of women in close proximity to one another who…

    • Falcon Man

      Description The Falcon is the national bird of UAE. This show presents the significance and importance of falconry in the Arabic tradition and culture.

    • Basket, Carpet, & Fishing Net Weaving

      Description This showcases the Arabic traditional making of baskets, carpets, and fishing nets.

    • Arabic Coffee, Dates & Juice Server

      Description Serving dates or Arabic beverages for your guests. This is perfect to add vibe for Arabic themed events or occasions.

    • Tanoura / Sufi Dancer

      Description Tanoura is one of oldest traditional Egyptian dance style now performed with creative LED costumes. Also called as Sufi dancers in traditional white costume…

    • Dhabke & Zaffa Dancers

      Description Group of 8-10 dancers With live drummers Duration 1 set of 30 mins Or 2 sets of 15 mins

    • Arabic Dance Show

      Description Different Arabic Dance Shows – Lebanese, Jordan, Gulf, Syrian, Moroccan, Egyptian & Palestine Duration 1 set of 30 mins Or 2 sets of 15 mins

    • Arabic Fusion Dancers

      Description These arabic fusion dancers perform with a modern twist using wings, fans, veils and other props making the performance more creative. Oriental Dancers Wings Dance

    • Belly Dancers

      Description Solo Belly Dancer, Choreographed dance show, Exotic Belly Dancer / Snake Dancer Duration 1 set of 30 mins Or 2 sets of 15 mins

    • Arabic String Band

      Description Composed of Oud, Qanun, and Violin. It can also be accompanied by drums or tabla. Duration 30 to 40 minutes per set

    • Male Orchestra

      Description Hire an all male professional orchestra in Dubai for your next corporate event, concert or wedding. Details 3 sets of 45 mins

    • Arabic & Omani Drummers

      Description Create a dramatic entrance or welcome the guests with these upbeat omani drummers for corporate events, public events and weddings.

    • Pianists

      Description Solo pianist is one of the most soothing and classical performance that is most widely used for entrance, lobby, welcome receptions or wedding ceremonies.…

    • Guitarists

      Description Solo Guitarists Duration 3 sets of 45 minutes

    • Flutist

      Description Can be soloist, a duo, or a trio. Duration 3 sets of 45 minutes

    • Flutist, Violinist, & Celloist

      Description Can be soloist, a duo, or a trio. Duration 3 sets of 45 minutes

    • Violinist

      Description Book our talented violinists for your next corporate event or wedding in Dubai, UAE or GCC. Our artists can perform solo, duo, trio or…

    • Harpist

      Duration 3 sets of 45 minutes

    • Opera Singers

      Description An amazing collection of vocalists/opera singers to entertain the audience with their mesmerizing voice. Call us today to make your event a memorable one.…

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