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    • Spinning Ring Acrobat

      Description Spinning Ring take on the aerial ring but situated on the ground. As the ring spins the artist performs a series of gravity defying…

    • Crystal Tanoura

      Description The Floating Chandelier / Modern Tanoura is a totally enchanting performance in the region. The beautifully choreographed moves catch the light as the artist…

    • Bird Cage Acrobat Show

      Description The bird in a cage show is as captivating as it is intriguing. It involves stretching and turning into seemingly impossible positions inside the…

    • Contortionist

      Description A mesmerizing and rarely seen acrobatic art form of modern circus, combines strength and flexibility with grace and poise. The artist moves smoothly from…

    • Crystal Snake Acrobat

      Description Amazing combination of dance and acrobatics. Surprise your  guests with this performance of which demonstrates the strength,  poise and dance in the same. Duration…

    • Football Freestyler

      Description Artist performing different tricks with a football.

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