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    • Caricaturist

      Description A fun art for your guests. It can be hand drawn or digital caricature that you can send via email or print on site.…

    • Ebru Art

      Description Art of creating colorful patterns by sprinkling and brushing color pigments on a pan of oily water and then transforming this pattern to paper.

    • Henna Artist

      Description Henna is a traditional art for women with various designs. Book our talented henna artists for your national day, iftar parties, weddings or corporate…

    • Arabic Calligrapher

      Description Let your guests take an arabic souvenir at your next event with our talented arabic calligrapher making live art for their names.

    • Human Statue / Live Statues

      Description We have a variety of Human Statues for all kinds of events. They are a unique entertainment that can be placed at the entrance…

    • Circus Performers

      Description Stilt Walkers, Jugglers, Unicyclists, Acrobats, Ribbon Dancers Duration 2 sets by 10 mins each

    • Walkabout Characters

      Description We have amazing and unique walkabout characters in fascinating costumes to add an extra wow factor to your event. Perfect for selfies with guests!…

    • Celebrity Look Alikes

      Description Lookalikes are the perfect addition to any event, be it the Villains from 007, to iconic singers or actors. Duration 1 set by 5…

    • Bubble Show

      Description Artist creating different types of bubble that will suit any type of events. Duration 2 sets by 20 mins each

    • Quick Change Act

      Description Quick Change Act is an exciting and entertaining act with lively music and talented performances changing costumes just in a few seconds. Duration 1…

    • European Dance Group

      Description Dance Styles, Contemporary, Masquerade, Wings, Tango, Spanish, Latin, Egyptian, Samba, Carnival and many more costumes/choreography to choose from. Duration 3 sets of 3-5 minutes…

    • Football Freestyler

      Description Artist performing different tricks with a football.

    • Shadow Show

      DESCRIPTION Shadow Show is a modern and contemporary dance style which is performed behind a projection screen to achieve graphic images, shapes and formations to…

    • Flair Bartender

      Description Flair bartending is a delicate balance of eye-catching maneuvers, speed, style and customer interaction. Experiments with exciting skills making for a memorable event.

    • Aerial LED Show

      Description World class LED Aerial Show in UAE! Programming LED costumes blinking and shimmer to the music beat! Can be performed with minimum of 3 aerial artists.

    • Flying LED Drummers

      Description This power-packed performance will start with lights off the stage, then exciting music beats will follow, 2-3 drummers will perform aerial moves and one will…

    • Helium Balloon Show

      Description Revolutionary aerial act based in Dubai combines flight technology and circus skills to create a show featuring aerial acrobatics and a giant helium balloon.…

    • Aerial Frame Act

      Description The most inspired works of art are beautifully framed and this never before seen aerial act is no exception. Combining strength and flexibility with elegance and…

    • Double Loops Aerial Act

      Description Aerial Double Rope is an inspiring combination of poise and grace, combined with the exhilaration of breathtaking drops, flips and spins. Requirements Floor 3x3m Height 6m…

    • Aerial Chandelier Hoop

      Description The Chandelier Ring involves stretching and turning into seemingly impossible positions inside an aerial ring. The chandelier creates a touch of class and looks…

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