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    • Human Statues / Live Statues (Arabic)

      Description We have a variety of Human Statues for all kinds of events. They are a unique entertainment that can be placed at the entrance…

    • Speed Painter

      Description This is a unique mixture of two wonderful arts in one. Action Painting or Dynamic Art is where an artist does fast painting and…

    • IPAD Magician

      Description An interactive magic performance with the use of new technology (ipad). Leave your guests mesmerized and amazed by this unique show. Duration Roaming show:…

    • Electro Show

      Description Unique eletric show mostly in corporate and technology events to create a wow factor and leave the guests impressed before a product launch!

    • European Dance Group

      Description Dance Styles, Contemporary, Masquerade, Wings, Tango, Spanish, Latin, Egyptian, Samba, Carnival and many more costumes/choreography to choose from. Duration 3 sets of 3-5 minutes…

    • LED Dancers

      Description We have a lot of LED costumes and choreography to match the theme of your event. LED wings, LED droids, Pixel Poi, LED Butterfly…

    • LED Floating Dancers

      Description Group of 4 girls performing an extravagant dance style in an LED costume which looks as its floating in air. Duration 2 sets of…

    • Special Dance Styles

      Description We can choreograph and design costumes, themes & dance styles based on your requirement. Duration As required

    • Modern Creative Dancers

      Description We have tailored a lot of unusual costumes which will turn heads and create a wow factor in your event. We can customize costumes for…

    • Bollywood Dance Group

      Description 2 or more couples performing 3 different choreographies on indian bollywood music with various styles of modern, bhangra, traditional & contemporary moves along with…

    • RnB & Hip Hop Dancers

      Description If your theme is RnB & Hip-Hop or if you are looking for some energetic performance our dancers will make your event more lively with…

    • Flash Mob Performers

      Description We have performed various flash mobs in malls, store openings, corporate events and we can customize it according to your needs. Duration As required.

    • BMX Rider Freestyle

      Description BMX rider stunt showcasing the old and new school riding of flatland and freestyle BMX. Duration Up to 3 sets by 4 to 6 minutes

    • Capoeira

      Description A Brazilian martial arts that combines dancer, aerobics and drum beating music. Duration 2 sets by 5 to 10 minutes

    • Jump Rope Show

      Description A mix of jump rope and break dance for a new and cool act! Duration 1 set of 5 to 6 minutes

    • LED Robot Man


    • Laserman Show – Small

      Description Laserman show is basically performed on stage in pitch dark, where the performer has pre-programmed lasers placed on stage and his costume and produces…

    • E-Light Show

      Description This spectacular elctro light show is a combination of LED costumes with urban dance.  Perfectly fits corporate event, product launch or any thematic party!

    • Beat boxer

      Description Beat boxer is that unusual talent who can mimic the sounds of various musical instruments like guitar, drums, trumpet, bass etc from his mouth…

    • Chemical & Nitrogen Show

      Description Chemistry and Physics of the next level. “A perfect collaboration of science and special effects”.  With innovation and perfectly calculated use of chemicals like…

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