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    • Cyr Wheel

      Description This is an energetic performance which requires sheer precision and balance on the steel cyr wheel. The audience is amazed with the skills of…

    • Sirtaki Dance

      Description One of the most popular Greek Dance, combination of various Hasapika Dance. The show begins with slow and smooth moves that gradually transform into…

    • TV Heads

      Description Amazing concept, for roving or wandering performances at your event. TV Head’s are roving giant puppets with technology, innovative design and performance.

    • Sway Pole Act

      Description Sway-Poles are a new extreme cirque style atmosphere entertainment piece that provides aerial pole acrobatics without the need for a permanent install.  Our poles…

    • African Acrobats

      Description An extraordinary, unique and strength filled hand to hand balancing acrobatic act.

    • Light Paiting

      Description Light Painting is the photographic technique of using a moving light source such as

    • Chair Balance Act

      Description This is an amazing act of balancing one chair on top of the other and then performing acrobats. This act requires immense training and…

    • Aerial Umbrella

      Description This Aerial Umbrella Act is full of grace, strength and excitement. Creates amazing shapes with her body, this really is a wow factor show.…

    • Aerial Triangle

      Description Check out our Aerial Triangle for the very best in unique or custom performance. Duration 1 set of 5 minutes Requirement: Height: 15ft with…

    • Aerial LED Hula Hoop

      Description Talented aerialist performs a spectacular choreographed in hula-hoop in the air; working in synchronization to execute complex and challenging poses.

    • LED Cube

      Description LED cube act is an acrobatic act in which the performer juggles and plays various tricks with a big LED cube. A very eye-catching…

    • Laser Flute & Violin

      Description Laser show can be combined with any musicians like Flute, Violin, Saxophone to create a extravagant show to wow your guests!

    • LED Performers

      Description We have a lot of creative performers for LED shows and dance styles. Wings, Butterflies, Pixels, Robots and many exciting and unqiue costumes are…

    • Pixel Poi Show

      Description Pixel poi is a modern led show which can be customized with logos, messages or any branding and is best for corporate events or…

    • Levitation Statue

      Description An amazing and eye-popping act that shows the artist hanging mid-air without any support. Keep your crowd engaged with this unique act.

    • Tarot Card Reader

      Description A sacred space specially allotted for a tarot/ palm/ coffee-cup reader for all those who are anxious to know the future. They are there…

    • Mind Reader

      Description A one man show with a person with super natural powers of reading the mind. A best after dinner idea for any corporate or…

    • Chemical & Nitrogen Show

      Description Chemistry and Physics of the next level. “A perfect collaboration of science and special effects”.  With innovation and perfectly calculated use of chemicals like…

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