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    • Light Manipulation Show

      Description As the name implies, the very power to manipulate light is what we showcase in this act. A visual illusion created by creating and…

    • Helium Balloon Show

      Description Revolutionary aerial act based in Dubai combines flight technology and circus skills to create a show featuring aerial acrobatics and a giant helium balloon.…

    • Aerial LED Show

      Description World class LED Aerial Show in UAE! Programming LED costumes blinking and shimmer to the music beat! Can be performed with minimum of 3 aerial artists.

    • LED Shows & Dancers

      Description We have a variety of LED shows and dancers which include LED Pixel Pois, LED Dancers, LED robots, Droids, Stilt Walkers, Branded LED, LED…

    • Martial Arts Show

      Description A traditional Chinese dance that showcases different martial art forms. Duration 1 set by 7 to 10 minutes

    • Festive Giant Bubble Prop

      Description Our large bubble prop with a festive snowy backdrop inside can hold a variety of performances from an elegant ballet performance to duo acrobatic…

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